The housing inventory of homes rises in Spring and keeps steady in Summer. Statistics show that a large chunk of potential buyers actively look for homes during the months of April to June [1], in fact, Zillow reports that home sellers make the most money and sell fastest in the first two weeks of May, with July and June, respectively, serving as the next best months to list your home [2].

Some of the factors that contribute to this increase in demand for houses to buy is that some buyers need to move before a fall: some of them wait to move-in until the school year ends.  

In the other hand, these seasons boost the people’s energy to go out looking for open houses, which also are more attractive due to green grass and blooming trees. This impacts the number of buyers and sellers, growing the competition in the market.

To help you seize this time to sell your home and to enjoy the last days in your property, consider these tips:

  1. Organize and Clear the Clutter [3]. Emptying closets make them appear larger, moving some furniture to storage helps rooms look bigger and keeping counters clear and show-ready at all times. This will help your house look spacious, bigger and with a better energy, important aspects to seduce your potential buyers. 

  1. Always be ready for guests [4].. Whether you decide to have an Open House, you need to remember is not uncommon to have friends unexpectedly stay over in Summer and they can spare the word of your amazing house and, why not, they also could become a potential buyer. Also, your agent can have a spontaneous eager buyer and can ask you to visit the place. So, make sure your house is always ready for guests.

  2. Pull out your outdoor furniture [5]. It would be easier to have some guests and will help you to hook the buyers who love to entertain.